Jess Moskaluke Releases “Go Get Er” To Country Radio!

“Go Get Er”

Today, Jess Moskaluke released “Go Get Er” to country radio! The track is the latest offering from her Heartbreaker EP, and follows the previously released southern-twang infused breakup anthem “Knock Off”, and the moody, rock-tinged title-track “Heartbreaker” Request now at your favourite radio station!

A Message From Jess Moskaluke

“I love being able to share a piece of myself through the art of songwriting, and it’s rare for songs that I didn’t write to completely resonate with me, but the minute I heard Go Get Er, I knew it needed to be on the record. Having the opportunity to be the voice on this track, and scream to the world that your partner should be just that – a partner – was one I couldn’t pass up. Playing on traditional gender roles and the expectations historically placed on women, Go Get Er is a welcome reminder that we all get to set the standard for our own relationships. Like I sing in the song, ‘if that’s the kinda girl you need, there’s nothing wrong to want what you want, but baby that’ll never be me.’”


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